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Hi, I’m DeaDiana, a 32 Female from Antarctica and I’m ready to play out your hottest fantasies.

Want to know more about DeaDiana?

I’m Slim — 178 cm tall, 50 kg — with Black hair and Black eyes and a pair of delicious n/a boobs that you’d just love to squeeze.

And I speak perfect English,Spanish. You’ll see…

What I’m into and offer in my Skype shows:

longlegs, cuckold, smoking, joi, sissy, mistress, CBT, nylon, humiliation, trampling, TD, forcedintox, stunning, rp, Pegging, cp, shp, adoration, gooning

Is there something in my menu that you’d like to explore with me 1:1?

How much you’d pay for a Skype show with DeaDiana?

$ 2.49 per minute.

What do the others say about me?

I’ve got a score of 5 out of 5 from 38 paying members.

Are you into Slim Teen with a long list of kinks that offer intimate BDSM/Fetish shows right on Skype?

Then here I am: just Skype me and let’s make your hottest Bisexual White fantasies cum true!
This is how she describes herself

Hello boys,

Take a deep breathe and SAY it. Innit? You click right now because you feel the need to give in.
It is the most natural feeling to submit. It is when you feel the need to please Me and when you want to have control over your life. Maybe Me saying “good boy” might be the best thing.
You have now realized that you need to go even further. Take a second deep breath and get ready to embark on the journey to prove you are worthy to be part of My life.

Remember that you only have one chance to make an impression.

I’m not here to please your boys. Serve Me well or move on.

I’ve noticed that boys need to learn protocol and manners. First, introduce yourself to me when you contact me.
Even though I’m amazing, I didn’t learn the ability to read the minds of boys I did not interact. If you have a particular interest in something, you can contact me, but remember to thank Me for my time. I would love to hear about your fetishes, limits and kinks.

Boys who understand the importance of serving Me are accepted. I also accept boys who need to be trained or guided in better understanding themselves.
I will make you my perfect submissive by reprogramming you and allowing me to choose your service area. You will either be a sadistic tool (eg pain slut/puppet, a service boy), sissy maid, cd, feet worshipper, human furniture, human Ashtray), or an entertaining puppet to make you laugh (puppy, lil losers, weaklings and coerced bi). A finsub who has the privilege to put my extravagant tastes above all else.
Regardless of how much you serve, all of you are better kept in chastity alongside Me, the KEYHOLDER

One of my kinks is the CNFM, which basically means that I DON’T GET NAKED.
I’m not interested in BM/exposer.

I am also being asked “What is your status, a Dom or sub?” My dear kinksters I understand that you must see the words Miss] or Mistress] and Queen etc. To understand that you are speaking with a Dome, put the nickname in front of it. But once you enter my chamber, and get to know me, controlling/ using/ demanding is something I excel at [:)].

I love to indulge in my own desires. Many people ask me about my speciality ]…. You could ask me this if you’re lazy.
My long, luscious legs…they just want your love
The truth is, you don’t have to choose one flavor when there are so many. Many others [:P].
My ultimate fetish: CONTROL. Having in front me a man (a male that will in my presence be made into an obedient boy), that has the wits, and the balls to follow the deviant and decadent paths that I laid before him.

My interests include Chastity, edge play/T&D, financial pampering and spoiling,g physical humiliation and sissy play/crossdresser, puppy play and slave training, orgasm control and human furniture, coerced bi, ARSE training and CBT whipping, bondage and food play games. I also enjoy Body worship, breath play and interdictions.

My fetishes include high-heeled shoes and leather, as well as gloves, PVC, Corsets and belts.
I feel like I have said enough. After all, it is much easier to get acquainted with the PERSON (in your case the Goddess hehe). This being said, I’m waiting for you in my room. It’s going to be an exciting ride, so buckle up!

All my best wishes

Miss Lucille*

Tease and denial; edging, goingoning… these are wonderful words that will bring a smile to my face. A VERY BIG SMILE.
You, my kinksters, have seen my art. I can make you wish for more and make you want more. But all you get is TEASE. And that is what I find funny. You FUCKING LOVE IT. It’s what you have been waiting for, and you don’t know how you would live without it.
It’s an honor to be one of MY goons brainwashed and mind-fucked. The sight of me and my voice will make you lose control. When you are with me, time stops. There is no outside world. Society is not relevant. The only thing that matters is to WORSHIP AND PLEASE ME. This is the most beautiful type of freedom.
They don’t call my for nothing THE QUEEN of TEASE because I love to see you drooling and losing your mind. I keep coming back to you thinking: Maybe if I please Mistress, I will get a small reward. Maybe this time Mistress will allow me to do a little more. You naughty boy, you forget something.
If you’re one of those “slaves”, who in a session after some minutes wants (emphasis added on WANTS; it’s about me lil slut!) to “see more of my wonderful selves, let’s make this as short as possible and not waste my precious time in an unproductive session.
Important note: I don’t consider myself a CFNM, but if MY tease is too much, you won’t be able to handle ME.

There is nothing more fun than watching cds. I consider sissies, cds to be one of my “frilly soft spots” [;)]. Whether we’re talking about nylon, lace, fur, or a combination thereof, they are all very entertaining. They all feel so soft on the skin, don’t they?

No matter if you’re a sissy, or cross-dresser (and yes, I know the difefrence), you will always be admired for your beautiful outfit and I will guide you on how you can improve it.

Now, tell me more about this feminization FETISH of yours. I just so need a little sexy whore!

Many people ask me if my strap-on is available. To answer this question, NO. I do not have one. I have a COLLECTION. It’s growing in size and scope over time.
I could talk all day, especially at night, about my hypnotic moves and how much I love to hear your moaning, begging, etc. But I won’t do it in this tab. (I don’t want to get too excited yet [:P]). The best thing to do is to be brave and press the button to contact me

Additional props are also available for those who require them in the fine art and science of anal training. x

Many will wonder “Wtf she is trying to say?” It’s quite easy, my kinksters. Slutification is not a fetish in and of itself. Instead, IT’s a collection of fetishes that are unique to each individual. When done correctly, it will help the bottom get to the “UTTER STATE OF MIND”. You can call it a planet.

You all know how much fun I have having fetishes and how I love to combine them in one session. One can never stop learning, especially in fetishes. The “slutification”, which is a constant challenge, will not cease to be a challenge.