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Hi, I’m Annelyce, a 35 Female from Romania and I’m ready to play out your hottest fantasies.

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I’m Slim — 177 cm tall, 60 kg — with Blonde hair and Brown eyes and a pair of delicious Small boobs that you’d just love to squeeze.

And I speak perfect English. You’ll see…

What I’m into and offer in my Skype shows:

fetish, legs, heels, pantyhose, femdom, feet, findom, mistress, boots, leather, nylon, goddess, domina, strapon, mindfuck, PVC, Seductress, manipulation, Hoisery

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$ 4.5 per minute.

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I’ve got a score of 5 out of 5 from 48 paying members.

Are you into Slim Mature with a long list of kinks that offer intimate BDSM/Fetish shows right on Skype?

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This is how she describes herself
*Professional Domina, male objectifier, and fetishcam model

You tried to avoid my profile to pretend that you can live without my content. But you failed. You are now more greedy than ever and ready to submit. I love to exploit men’s weaknesses. You can expect to be seduced, denied and even mindfucked. Begin this thrilling journey down the Rabbit hole with me. My addict, You know the only way down is down. It was obvious that you wanted to share your secrets with me. You wanted to share everything about your childhood and your relationships with others, your marriage, your failures, and your vulnerabilities. You are like a ripe, ready-to-be-picked fruit to me. Once you say hello to me and you make yourself come out of hiding, then you will feel like a deer in headlights. This is an important part your training. You must accept the fact that you sexualized your failures and that this is why you are sexless. Although you may not have fully accepted it, I will teach you and give affirmations to help you realize that sexualizing your failures throughout your life is the key to any kind of sex life.

Your obsession with femdom and findom is the root of my power over you. Once you decide to follow me, my content, and expose your weaknesses, I am invited into your family, mind, and bank account. I now own what is mine. You promised you would stop finding doom because it is ruining your family’s lives and breaking down your relationships. After being away for a while, you have now started buying my videos again… We all know the direction of this…As a sender you are amazing. You are a great stroker. You are an exceptional stroker. I believe in nurturing what you are good at, and letting go of anything you don’t have the chance to achieve. My view is that you were meant to be a masturbator and should accept the fact that you are destined to work with superior women.

Compulsive use and abuse can lead to significant social and economic problems. Embrace your deviant behaviour! Repeat after me: I am inadequate! You are indeed insufficient. It’s no surprise that almost every serious relationship you have been in ended with your partner fucking other guys. The first step to finding your place is accepting that you are not well-equipped for normal relationships and sex. You cannot break free from your unhealthy habits, despite the severe harm they have caused and the adverse consequences. You are on the verge of bankruptcy. You have had a difficult childhood. You were bullied in high school, then by women. You will always seek the exact same thing because you don’t know what else feels. It was inevitable that I would become my servant. It was only a matter time. This is not a simple addiction. This is a crippling obsession you must embrace in order to turn your failures into success as a man. Serving me will bring some joy to your small life. Sending is an incredible feeling. You can’t stop sending. It’s impossible to stop. It feels so good, why would you want to stop? You already know that large amounts are the only way you can get my attention. Your submissive, conditional brain only needs a little push. A picture of me and a phrase that triggers your preexisting obsessions and needs, and you are ready to give me all you have. Your brain is wired to obey me. Every cell of your body is screaming for me and my abuse, no matter what you do. Start serving!

As you can see, I have an insatiable desire to be in control. Since I was younger, I discovered that I am able to control men easily. I decided to take advantage of this. I tend to be dominant and do my best to get what I want. I have also observed that all men, alphas and submissive, are attracted to Me. They all end up with the same fate: being seduced and lured into My inexorable nylon trap, mesmerized and enslaved by My wit. I don’t try to persuade anyone to accept my human wallet. They do it all themselves. After serving Me for a while, and feeling My absolute power, they long to be at my feet and fulfill all my wishes, as well as spoil Me whenever they can. While some may be surprised at how they managed to slip down this rabbit hole, they eventually accept and embrace their faith. Serving Me is a way to transform yourself from a lonely, purposeless loser into My Object. This is the highest a sub could ever reach. To be in My presence, be acknowledged by Me, and have the honor of serving Me. I will use all my tools and my wits to destroy your resistances, to break you down, and to make you my mindwashed, submissive slut. Your pathetic existence will be meaningless and pointless if you don’t serve me. You are in complete denial. You believe you have control over your life and can do without me. You are permanently enslaved if you take one step into my web.

I love pampering myself with luxurious nylons, high heels, PVC, lingerie, and luxury lingerie. My passion is Nylons, but I also love other fetishes. As my slaves become addicted to Me, and my strict instructions, I admit that I enjoy mindfucking slaves. I liquefy their brains, make them submit to Me, and turn them into human objects. In a matter of seconds, I can alter your mental and physical state. You can see it: Your heart rate and breath speed up, you feel sweaty, your muscles ache and you get goose bumps. I also remind you that your wife will not receive the amount due me unless she sends me an email with photos and videos from our sessions.

You became my perfect finslut because you never felt abandoned or rejected. You already know that I only want to see large amounts of money from you in order to keep my attention and keep you interested. If you don’t send me large amounts of money, I will just look away and forget about you. You’ve always been a fragile person and are afraid of being hurt by others. Fear of rejection is a constant fear in your life. It all ended when you met me. I took you under my wing, and in return for your total submission and obedience, I created a safe space for you. It is only you and me, Mistress, and servant. You are safe from harm. You feel low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and you believe you are incompetent, unlovable, and awkward. I will not burden you with the responsibility of being functional men in society. Only work for me. Your entire life should be dedicated to this noble cause: making me happy.

I love a wide variety of fetishes, as I mentioned. So it’s easier to determine if we are a good match, I will make a list.
Arrogant woman, Armpit Fetish and Ass worship
~ Blonde Goddess, Ballbusting, Boot domination, Bragging, Ball Gagged, Barefoot-Soles Fetish, BDSM, Bi Humiliation, Blackmail Fantasy, Body Worship, Boot Worship, Breath Play Fantasy
Cameltoe and Catsuit, CBT. Chastity. Chest Sitting. Countdown. Crossed Leg Fetish. Crossdresser. Cuckold. Cum eating Instruction.
Dangling Shoe Fetish. Dirty Talk. Domination
Edging Fetish. Electric Play Fantasy. Encouraged Feminization. Encouraged In.tox Fantasy. Encouraged Drinking Fantasy.
Face Sitting and Face Fucking. Fat Humiliation. Fetish Clothing. Financial Domination. Foot domination. Foot Fetish. Foot Gagging. Foot Humiliation. Foot Slave Training. Foot Sniffing. Foot Worship.
Garterbelt Fetish and Gender Transformation, Giantess. Glasses Fetish. Gloves Fetish. Goddess Worship
High Heels Fetish and High Heels Worship.
Ignore Fetish and Interracial Domination
~ Jerk Off Instruction-JOI, JOI Games
Leather Fetish and Leg Fetish. Leggings Fetish. Legs, Lingerie Fetish. Lip Fetish. Lipstick Fetish. Long Toes Fetish. Loser Symbol. Lotion-Oil Fetish. Louboutin.
Mesmerize. Middle Finger. Mind Fuck. Money Fetish.
Nails Fetish
~ Office Domination, Office Fantasy, Old Man Humiliation, Orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial
~ Pantyhose Domination, Pantyhose Footjobs, Pantyhose Goddess, Pantyhose Tease, Pantyhose-Stockings, Pegging, Pointed Toes, Pussy Denial, PVC-Vinyl
Red Lips. Ripoff. Roleplay. Ruined Orgasms.
Sandals Fetish. Secretary Fetish. Seduction.
Tall Goddess-Tall Women. Teacher Fetish. Tease & Denial. Therapist Fantasy. Thigh High Boots. Toe Fetish. Toenail Fetish. Trampling Fantasy.
~ Verbal Humiliation, Virgin Humiliation, Voice Fetish
Wrinkled Soles

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